1. Organ Workshops with Ann Labounsky

    In the first workshop, Dr. Labounsky will discuss and demonstrate AGO/NPM certification repertoire and keyboard-skill requirements (e.g., sight-reading, transposing etc.). Dr. Labounsky will also explain how the skills are graded, and how to prepare. Certification requirements provide a clear set of goals that every organist should strive for, whether you take certification exams or not. In the second workshop, Dr. Labounsky will suggest and play excerpts from the works of Langlais that are most suited to the liturgical year.


    Chant & Improvisation in the Liturgy

    The Aesthetics and Pedagogy of Charles Tournemire: Chant and Improvisation in the Liturgy

    October 21-23, 2012 at Duquesne University.

    The Church Music Association of America will hold a conference exploring the legacy of Charles Tournemire as an improviser and teacher of improvisation on October 21

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    Jean Langlais

    Jean Langlais (1907–1991), the eldest of four children, was born into abject poverty in a small rural village in Brittany and became blind by the age of three. From this unpromising beginning Langlais became one of the most significant organ composers and performers of his century. His prodigious opus of organ compositions, more than 300, exceeds even that of J.S. Bach. As an internationally acclaimed organist, he performed extensively throughout Europe and North America and made numerous recordings.


    The Complete Organ Works of Jean Langlais

    The Complete Organ Works of Jean Langlais Ann Labounsky

    A collection of 26 CDs with accompanying book. The definitive recordings made under the direct supervision of the composer by Ann Labounsky, leading American disciple and author of his biography and DVD.